Muqbis | Unique handmade pieces made for you

Welcome to Muqbis!

Who said Work should always be going through the same daily routine, struggling through crowded streets, constrained with dress codes and working hours? No, it shouldn’t be that way. Worldwide; Working from home and home based businesses are rapidly a growing notion that provides a different dimension for successful and flexible work.

And as the word Muqbis means, our main job is to connect talented hands and home based businesses to their targeted customers and support them to grow their businesses hassle free. On the other hand Muqbis opens a wide market to support customers find “the made with love home products and services” they look for and compare varieties, prices and find nearby providers.

In Muqbis we believe that the world is changing, life patterns are changing and for sure work styles are changing and we are here for it.

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